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Beat Inflation!

Feeling the pain in your pocketbook?  You’re not alone.

Learn Top 18 Ways to save over $8,000 each year!


  • Conserve Car Fuel – use inflated tires and steady speed (40% savings)
  • Charge Fuel – use credit cards with cash back for gas.  Pay monthly balance in full (Annual savings: up to $200)
  • Negotiate Credit Cards – request lower interest rates
  • Eliminate Gas Guzzlers – go from SUVs to Hybrids (Annual savings: up to $2,400)
  • Lower Car Insurance Premium – raise your deductible


  • Learn Supermarket Tricks – cheapest items at the top and bottom shelves. Stick to your list.
  • Find Grocery Sale Items – see The Grocery Game (Annual savings:$1,000 or more)
  • A Little Home Cooking – simple entrees with overlapping ingredients.  See Food Network and Williams-Sonoma (Annual savings: $600 or more)

Home Energy

  • Save Home Energy – Unplug TVs and stereos into a power strip.  Turn them off all at once – some have timers.  Replace bulbs with compact fluorescents (Annual savings: $60 or more)
  • Seal Up Your House – decrease 25% heating and cooling costs (add insulation, caulk, and do self home-energy audit (Annual savings: up to $275)
  • Get Energy Efficient – install $60 Energy Star programmable thermostat. Change air filter in your heating and cooling system every three months (Annual savings: up to $220)

College Tuition

  • College: Contribute to a 529 Plan Early and Often – defers college savings interests from state and federal taxes.  See Financial Aid and Saving for College. (Annual savings: about $500)
  • College: Max Out Cheap Student Loans First – fixed rates at 6% to 6.8% – are generally less than private lenders’ variable rates (see Beat The College Loan Crunch) (Annual savings: $800-$2,700)

Medical Expenses

  • Medical: Choose Deductibles Wisely – high-deductible-plans best for younger people without health problems; others, stick with traditional plans (Annual savings: High-deductible plans–up to $750 in yearly premiums. For serious illness, use traditional plan)
  • Medical: Avoid Unnecessary Taxes – Flexible Spending Account allows untaxed salary to pay for many out-of-pocket health expenses (Savings of about $280 for every $1,000 set aside)
  • Medical: Bargain — ask doctor for a discount when going out-of-network (60% success rate).  Offer cash upfront.  Check going rates at insurer’s website.  (Save up to $85 per consultation)


  • Eliminate Unused Cell Minutes – change phone plans
  • Cancel Gym Membership Fees – if you don’t use the gym

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  1. At its most simple, you can lose heat from hundreds of different areas around the house. Energy Efficiency

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