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Bogus Diplomas and U.S. Visas

(First posted on June 30)

With escalating gas prices and the mortgage meltdown, a $1,000 doesn’t have quite the buying power of our parents’ generation.

Or so I thought.

A Syrian self-proclaimed retired military officer (Syria sponsors terrorists) “earned” three advanced degrees in Chemical Engineering for just $1,277.

The “advisor,” a high school drop out, evaluated the man’s “life experiences” and “awarded” him with three undergraduate and advanced degrees in chemistry and environmental engineering.

Not too bad, if a thousand bucks (and a highly sought after bogus expertise) can guarantee a person “legal” entry into the United States.

Lay low for a few years.  Go through the motions of a model citizen. When time is right, BOOM!  Strike another tower with fellow terrorists!

“The operation was impressive and sophisticated” said Dr. Gollin, an American authority.

Congress is moving cautiously, almost hesitantly.

I’ll vote for the presidential candidate with the brain, the integrity, and the guts to whip the overpaid government officials into shape.  For once and for all, these big shots in Washington, should, like the rest of us, EARN their keep.

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