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The Nine Steps to Financial Freedom (1-3)

How would you define financial freedom?

Financial freedom, for me, is having the time and resources to do all the things I love to do – spend time with family, friends, read, write, exercise, travel, etc., etc., etc.

My favorite financial expert, Suze Orman, shares her wisdom in The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom:

1.     Your past holds the key to your financial future

Face fears – self-doubt, insecurity, unworthiness — that has paralyzed us into thinking of all the things we can‘t do. Let’s see what we’re afraid of, deal with it, and put the fear to rest.

2.     Face your fears and create new truths

In our culture, no one talks about money.  Fear, when hidden and ignored, grow like weeds left alone in a garden.  The sooner we deal with our fears, the more money we’ll be able to create, heal our hearts, and heal our pocketbooks.

3.     Be honest with yourself

No one rips up a dollar bill, but we do it all the time — buy a sweater we only wear once, toss five dollars worth of food gone bad, throw away a newspaper we never read — easy. 

Touch our money again —feel it, respect it.  Face up to what we’re really doing with our money, our thoughts, and our actions (document income and expenditure).

Face fear head on!  CHARGE!!!!!!

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