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The Nine Steps to Financial Freedom (5-6)

5.     Respect yourself and your money

Financial freedom — it’s not what we make, it’s what we get to keep.

Respect attracts money — disrespect repels money (Spend money carelessly, it goes.  Spend and invest wisely, it grows.)  Invest the money we save during our working years wisely, so that when we no longer want to or able to work, our money will work for us.  Money is a living entity.

If invested with respect, with enough time to grow, these earnings will take care of us well and also take care of those we leave behind.  Respect starts with the money we are earning right now and what we do with it (see also FICO Scores, 401k, 403b, IRA, Roth IRA, Mutual Funds, SEP, Keogh Plan, SIMPLE)

6. Inner trust, then outward action

However sound the investment, investors have to be solidly behind them. (There has never been in the history of the stock market a ten-year period of time where stocks have not outperformed every other investment.  If  we do not give our money ten years, we will be taking a significant risk).  The ultimate responsibility for our money must always remain in our hands.


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