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Tis the Season to be Happy!

Thanksgiving is over and there are less than a month before Christmas!  Yikes!!!  But the hustle and bustle and the long ”TO DO” list don’t have to get us down.

You know happiness leads to longevity, right?  Then we can’t afford NOT to be happy.

According to Ms. Smith, a member of LifeScript, True longevity comes from being happy and being happy involves other people. There are six critical keys to longevity.”

  • Love, love, love – People in love are happier. People who enjoy a healthy sex life have reduced levels of stress and people with less stress tend to live longer, happier lives!
  • Eat more (dark) chocolate and drink more (red) wine – The antioxidant properties of dark chocolate and red wine reduces the effects of aging and make them top contenders for longevity super foods.
  • Play games – More than just exercise, play stimulates the mind by requiring strategy and skill. I’m all for this one!
  • Take a nap – The body needs rest in order to rejuvenate. Cellular repair occurs while the rest of the body sleeps, funneling all of the nutrients found in the blood to damaged or injured cells. A great reason to nap!
  • Positive Attitude – People with good attitudes are generally less stressed than people who often complain. They’re at a lower risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke, and sleep deprivation.
  • Know your numbers – regularly check three important numbers; cholesterol, blood pressure, and heart rate. Annual doctor’s visit is a must to catch disease before it becomes serious.

My mom used to tell me to laugh a lot and thank people often.  So thank you all for stopping by and being a part of my life!  


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