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Iraq — To Stay or Not to Stay

(First posted on 8-9-08)

United States’ premature withdrawal from Iraq is an utmost disrespect to all who paid the ultimate price.

Lack of a strong central government will ensure Iraq’s descent into anarchy, creating a safe haven for Muslim extremists. Anarchy in Iraq is threat to world peace.

The United States, at minimum, should facilitate and negotiate a form of governance addressing the needs of both Shia and Sunni Muslim religious groups and other minorities comprising the war-torn nation.

The key word is “facilitate.”  U.S. cannot impose her democracy.  Dialog begins by respecting people whose values differ from our own.

Respect establishes tolerance and understanding — the first step toward reaching common goals.  Only then can all parties begin to heal, reconcile, and unify.

Japan, my country of origin, is a successful model of American democracy taking root and prospering in a country whose values differ vastly from the West’s.

Upon unconditional surrender in World War II, the Japanese maintained their 2,000 year old culture, values, and traditions while modifying American democracy and policies (constitutional monarchy/indirect democracy and capitalist economy), allowing the Japanese to reach social and economic prosperity previously known only to the West.

(Japan’s Gross National Product [GNP] is second in world’s economy.  Japanese Average Life Expectancy is 82-years-old.  Ninety-nine percent of the Japanese are literate.)

Iraqis, like the Japanese, are not Americans.  Pure American democracy will never take root in Iraq.

Iraqis must be empowered to become active participants in their nation’s decision-making process.

Japan is a success story.  Iraq can be next.


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