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Ugh! I have to go to defensive driving school!

The wise learn from others’ mistakes.  The average learn from their own.  The rest never learn.

I go back and forth between “average” and “the rest.”  Once in a blue moon, I am wise.

To all wise vicarious learners, ”Never drive into the intersection unless you know for sure you’re going to clear it!”

Oracle and River Road is simply unpredictable!  I drove into the intersection while the light was still green.  The light turned yellow and then immediately to red!

The left turn green arrow sign was supposed to appear!  It didn’t!

Instead, the camera installed above the traffic light took a picture of me (in sunglasses — thank goodness), along with the front and the back of my car!  My license plate was quite visible!

My son, the back seat driver said to me, “Mom, I think someone just took a picture of you.”  My response, “That’s your imagination.”

Well, my 10-year-old was right.  To top it off, my husband opened the mail and asked what the ticket was all about?!  Double whamo!  BUSTED!!!!

I’m attending traffic school next Saturday.  I’ll learn a lot, for sure.

I know all you wise folks will learn from my experience.  Beware — Oracle and River Road.

Gone are the days of left turn green arrow signal.  Stay in your lane.

Additional Driving Tips


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  1. why don’t you try an online driving school, they are more fun!

    Comment by vani | December 13, 2008 | Reply

  2. Not really, it’s actually a lot of fun, traffic school websites in fact have some interesting games!

    Comment by vani | December 14, 2008 | Reply

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