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Winners Never Cheat

“Bitterness is the poison you swallow hoping the other person will die.”

What does this mean?

Jon Huntsman, a self-made billionaire and one of the greatest philanthropist of our time, shares his wisdom in WINNERS never Cheat :

Grudges are physically, emotionally, and mentally draining, if not unhealthy.

Many years ago in California, a friend experienced a failed merger with his company. He was forced to sell his family’s business to another bidder and took a great loss.  In his mind, he lost face.

This man became determined to get even, no matter what. The thought of a payback was all consuming.  His personality changed. A naturally bright leader, his focus was no longer where it could do the most good. Many of his friends found it difficult to be around him and left.

Grudges are physically, emotionally, and mentally draining, if not unhealthy.

Don’t hold back when it comes to emotions. Let your feelings come out. Getting mad for a brief time is far better than a long and costly plan to get even. Make your reaction fast, furious, and finite. Vent your hurt, your anger, and your frustrations. Let emotions rip. Then say to yourself: “There, I feel better, it’s over.”

Revenge is counterproductive. Besides, all bloodbaths eventually cease, if for no other reason than adversaries collapsing from exhaustion.

The ultimate payback is your success.


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