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Work-Life Balance

Global economy, technology, inflation, dual-career couples—sound familiar?

Tired, irritable, not enough social life—could that be you?

Been there, done that.  Problems abound.

How about solution?

Doctors at Mayo Clinic suggest:

  • Manage your time
  • Communicate clearly
  • Fight guilt
  • Nurture yourself (hobbies, exercise, unwind)
  • Protect your day off (socialize, bolster support system)
  • Seek professional help

If professional help ever becomes free, I’ll seek it all the time.  Until then, I’ll unload on my husband and my friends (it’s a reciprocal – we unload on each other).

I must add, set realistic expectations and never compare.

We’re all different and special.  I’m going to celebrate my uniqueness.

I hope you will, too.


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  1. I for one enjoy seeking my own help – professional or not – and it’s FREE. At the wise age of 50, after having healed myself of a seemingly devastating disease (MS), leaving a cushy 25-year corporate America career to venture out on my Alternate Path, I feel like celebrating my uniqueness as well! The business of balance is a slippery slope, but well worth the devotion.

    Good thoughts.

    Comment by Cassie | December 4, 2008 | Reply

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