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Start Up Guide to Guerrilla Marketing (I)

The best ideas and products created by ordinary citizens — shower caps used for Saran Wraps, razor holder on shower wall and the like — will never see the light of day without marketing.

(We MUST get the word out!  Here’s how!)

Jay and Jeannie Levinson’s Startup Guide to GUERILLA MARKETING: A Simple Plan for First Time Marketers provides a step by step guide on how to promote products and ideas (see next seven blogs).

Hard work, life-long learning, and love for people are the keys to success!


I.       Twelve Qualities of True Guerrilla Entrepreneurs:

  1. Guerilla Entrepreneurs obsess about implementation
  2. Guerilla Entrepreneurs focus on sales conversion (traffic)
  3. Guerilla Entrepreneurs plan for multiple contingencies.
  4. Guerilla Entrepreneurs build their list.
  5. Guerilla Entrepreneurs execute-and adjust the plan later.
  6. Guerilla Entrepreneurs engineer four, five, six plans and execute them in tandem, wagering that at least one plan will get traction
  7. Guerilla Entrepreneurs are risk takers.  They willingly risk making fools of themselves, knowing that long term success is a good grade for short-term loss of dignity.
  8. Guerilla Entrepreneurs expose their ideas to cold reality as soon as reasonably possible.
  9. Guerilla Entrepreneurs practice basketball barefoot behind the garage.
  10. Guerilla Entrepreneurs do original research and determine what paths have been already trod.
  11. Guerilla Entrepreneurs do what they’re gifted for and delegate the rest.
  12. Guerilla Entrepreneurs think in terms of IS and CAN BE.

In other words, guerilla entrepreneurs are intelligent, confident, risk takers!

Two thumbs WAY UP for guerilla entrepreneurs!


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