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Start Up Guide to Guerrilla Marketing (II)

II.      The 12 Personality Traits of a Guerrilla Marketer

(1) Patience

Researchers learned your message must penetrate people’s mind nine times before they’re ready to buy from you (or buy into your ideas).  Patience, not marketing, works miracles.

(2) Imagination

You’ve got to do something your prospects and customers have never seen before so that you can capture and hold their attention better than any competitor anywhere, anytime.

(3) Sensitivity

A guerilla marketer cannot plod through life thinking only of him or herself.  The guerilla must be sensitive to:

  • The marketplace
  • The economy
  • His prospects
  • The competition
  • What’s on the prospect’s mind at the moment he is marketing
  • The time in history

(4) Strong Ego

Guerrilla marketers must have the ego to stand up to those who love you the most but give you the worst marketing advice.  Guerrilla marketing is not for amateurs, not for insecure babies, and more like a cup of nitroglycerine that can blow up in your face if you make a crucial mistake.

(5) Aggressiveness

Guerillas are aggressive in their thinking and in their investing.  Guerrillas save money by not wasting it.  Aggressiveness is your hallmark.  You probably have a blog.  You’ve already begun podcasting.  You’ve been hard at work compiling your opt-in list.  This kind of aggressiveness is the sign of a leader.

(6) Embrace Change

Change for the sake of improvement is a very good thing.  Embrace change.

(7) Generous

Guerrillas view their marketing as a chance to help their prospects and customers succeed at their goals.  Knowing that we’re living smack dab in the middle of the Information Age, they are very generous in providing information.

(8) High Energy

Guerrilla marketing is a full-time job that takes energy – all the time energy.  By doing the work they love, they never work a day in their lives.  If you can make high energy a part of you, you have the personality of a guerrilla destined for success.

(9) Life-Long Learner

Guerillas know knowledge equates with success.  Guerrillas continue to learn about about the changes in marketing as well as about the peripherals of marketing: psychology, the Internet, technology, and the globalization business.

(10) Love People

Guerillas know that every person is unique.  Their honest interest in people makes them masterful communicators.  And that masterful communication makes the guerrillas themselves enjoyable to hear, to listen to, to learn from.

(11) Maintains Focus

Guerilla marketers are skilled at their core competencies as well as at maintaining their focus.  Instead of going off into unchartered territories, they concentrate on adding excellence to their current endeavors.

(12) Takes Action

While others may learn by hearing, guerrillas learn by doing.  They are very hands-on group of people. They act on the advice they are given.  They breathe life into the concepts they have learned.  They experiment.  Guerrillas do something about what they’ve learned.


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