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Start Up Guide to Guerrilla Marketing (IV)

IV.    What Are People Really Buying?

  1. Solutions to their problems
  2. Freedom from pain
  3. Promises you make (so make them carefully)
  4. Wealth, safety, success, security, love, and acceptance
  5. Your guarantee, reputation, and good name
  6. Other people’s opinion of your business
  7. Believable claims, not simply hones claims
  8. Brand names over strange names.
  9. Easy access to information offered by your web site
  10. The consistency they’ve seen you exhibit.
  11. The stature of the media in which you market
  12. The professionalism of your marketing materials
  13. Value, which is not the same as price
  14. Freedom from risk, granted by your warranty
  15. Convenience in purchasing
  16. Neatness (and assume that’s how you do business
  17. Honesty (one dishonest word means no sale)
  18. Speedy delivery

People don’t buy:

  • Fancy adjectives
  • Exaggerated claim
  • Clever headline
  • Special effect
  • Marketing that screams

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