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Start Up Guide to Guerrilla Marketing (V)

V.  Becoming a Resource

Becoming a resource increases your credibility and visibility to potential fusion marketing partners.  Fusion marketing partners seek out those who earn their respect and already enjoy their market’s respect.  Here are 25 ways to become a resource:

  1. Write articles for publication
  2. Teach a class
  3. Offer to help a friend in your area of expertise
  4. Do free consultations
  5. Publish an e-newsletter
  6. Print a newsletter
  7. Recommend your friends’, clients’, and colleagues’ products and services
  8. Market their products and services in combination with yours
  9. Involve them in a project you’re doing
  10. Provide free community help
  11. Put information, surveys, tips, and articles on your website
  12. Sponsor a charitable event
  13. Compile a list of recommended books in your area of expertise
  14. Link others’ web sites on your web site.
  15. Provide referrals.
  16. Do a radio or TV spot
  17. Offer to be a free resource for prospects
  18. Send relevant articles to prospects and customers
  19. Donate time to a relevant association
  20. Work a trade show booth
  21. Connect people in all areas of your life
  22. Do a free seminar on a popular topic
  23. Send a yearly industry review to customers and colleagues
  24. Mentor someone
  25. Share information beyond your career expertise, such as travel knowledge or hobbies.

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