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Start Up Guide to Guerrilla Marketing (VI)

VI.  The 17 Secrets of Guerrilla Marketing that Help you Maintain Your Attack

(1) Commitment – Mediocre marketing program with commitment will always prove more profitable than a brilliant marketing program without commitment.  Commitment makes it happen.

(2) Investment – Marketing is not an expense, but an investment – the best investment available in America today if you do it right (possible with this book).

(3) Consistent – It takes a while for prospects to trust you, and if you change your marketing, media, and identity, you’re hard to trust.  Restraint is a great ally of the guerrilla.  Repetition is another.

(4) Confident – People said they patronize confident businesses (entrepreneurs who know what they are doing).

(5) Patience – Patience, commitment, investment, consistency, and making prospects confident go hand-in-hand.  Patience is a guerilla virtue.

(6) Variety – A wide variety of marketing tools is required to woo and win customers.

(7) Convenient – People know time is far more valuable than money.  Respect this by being easy to do business with and running your company for the convenience of your customers, not yourself.

(8) Subsequent – The real profits come after you’ve made the sale, in the form of repeat and referral business.  Guerrillas know marketing begins when they’ve made the sale.

(9) Amazement – Marketing creativity is the truth made fascinating.

(10) Measurement – You can actually double your profits by measuring the results of your marketing

(11) Involvement is the relationship between you and your customers.  You prove your involvement by following up; they prove theirs by patronizing and recommending you.

(12) Dependent – The guerrilla’s job is not to compete with but to cooperate with other businesses.  Market them in return for their marketing you.  Set up tie-ins with others.  Become dependent to market more and invest less.

(13) Armament – The armament of guerrillas is technology: computers, current software, cell phones, pagers, and fax machines.

(14) Consent – The key to success is to first gain consent to receive your marketing materials, then market only to those who have given you that consent.

(15) Content – Sell the content your offering rather than the style.

(16) Augment – To succeed online, augment your website with offline promotions, constant maintenance of your site, participation in newsgroups and forums, e-mail, chat room attendance, posted articles, conference hosting, and rapid follow up.

(17) Implement – Guerilla marketing is definitely not a spectator sport.  Take action!


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