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Start Up Guide to Guerrilla Marketing (VII)

VII.      Eight Dirty Lies You Have Known and Loved

(1) Time is Money

Time is far more important than money. Time is life. As a practicing guerrilla, they are the epitome of efficiency but never let it interfere with their effectiveness.

(2) Owning a Business Means Workaholism

The guerilla entrepreneur looks forward to work. He is good at his work, energizing his passion by improving his understanding and increasing his skills.  Adjustments are made to eliminate the cause of stress rather than stress itself.

(3) Marketing is Expensive

The guerilla entrepreneur is fusion oriented.  He is willing to combine marketing efforts (production skills, information, leads, mailing lists, and anything else to increase his effectiveness and marketing reach) while reducing the cost of achieving those goals.  His fusion efforts are intentionally short term, rarely permanent.

(4) Big Corporations are Like Wombs

The Guerilla entrepreneur does not overestimates his own abilities. If he does, he runs the risk of skimping on the quality he represents to his customers, employees, investors, suppliers, and fusion partners.  He forces himself to face reality — his business practices — on a daily basis.

(5) Youth is Better Than Age

The guerilla entrepreneur lives in the present.  He is alert to the new, wary of the avant-garde, and only wooed from the old by improvement, not merely change.

(6) You Need a Job / Retirement is a Good Thing / Heaven is the Afterlife

The guerrilla entrepreneur is passionate about work and that enthusiasm is apparent and contagious.  The guerrilla entrepreneur is focused on the goal and aims for results more than growth.  Guerrilla entrepreneur is a disciplined, life-long learner.

(7) The Purpose of Education is to Teach Facts

The purpose of education is to empower the learners with the skills and thought processes necessary to problem-solve in real life situations.

(8) If You Want It Done Right, Do It Yourself

The guerrilla entrepreneur has no weakness.  Guerilla entrepreneur delegates.  He is very much a team player.


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