Heart-to-Heart Connection

To inspire and be inspired!

Lead! Inspire!

Each one of us has the ability to lead and inspire (4:36).

A WORKER is concerned with time and money.

A LEADER is concerned with cooperation and enhancement.

A WORKER has a job.

A LEADER has a career.

A WORKER is hired to do a job.

A LEADER is hired to think, make decisions, and problem-solve.

A WORKER is an hourly laborer with a skill.

A LEADER is a professional with talent.

WORKERS cannot find jobs because they are only trained in one.

LEADERS always find jobs because their skills are versatile.

A WORKER can be fired from a job.

A LEADER cannot be fired from a career.

(Harry K. Wong)


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  1. you’ve written much truth here. It’s got me thinking about my own workplace, and my place within in. To become a leader!!

    maybe I’ve been too passive in my approach to things.

    Comment by ggw_bach | December 14, 2008 | Reply

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