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Parental Involvement Yields Student Success

From the general public to presidential candidates, people frequently voice their opinions on “holding teachers and schools accountable for students’ performance.”

But what about parental accountability?  Aren’t parents children’s first and foremost educators?

Flowing Wells School District, where I work, is comprised of highly dedicated professionals whose goals are to serve one of Tucson’s economically and emotionally neediest communities.  Our goal has and always will be to educate and empower students to become caring, responsible, productive citizens.

The district provides one of the most thorough, professional staff development programs.  Novice and veteran teachers are held accountable to professional ethics, standards, and sound teaching practices.  Throughout the year, educators are observed by veteran mentors, receive feedback and strategies for ongoing improvement, submit written self-reflections, and receive ongoing peer support and peer reviews.

Despite our commitment and efforts, our students fail to perform at their best.  Many return after the summer break with limited to no retention of previous year’s skills and concepts.  During the summer, students are often left to care for themselves; without mental or social stimuli, without caring adults to guide and nurture them.

Majority of our schools lack parental support.  Many parents do not value education.  Several exist in the “fight or flight” day-to-day survival mode.  Our mobile population move from residence to residence.  Families vacate their premise before rent is due.

Despite our challenges, our lack of parental involvement, our school continues to meet state standards.  We are a Performing Plus school.

Exceptional results mandate parental support.

Paradigm shift is long overdue.  If society is to progress, parents must be held accountable for the outcome of their children’s education.

Community professionals and civic-minded citizens must collaborate to educate and equip parents with the life-skills of self-respect and responsibility — teach and apply the importance of hard work, planned parenthood, money management, and active involvement in their children’s lives.

Combine classes with hands-on practicum.  Apply acquired life-skills in the real world.  Offer incentives upon class completion (perhaps a gift certificate to the grocery store).

If our society is to grow, if our society is to thrive, if we are to leave a better world for our children and grandchildren, we MUST unite.

The time is here.  The time is now.   We MUST work together to educate and empower ALL students.

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