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True Professional vs. Self Proclaimed Professional

The more one knows, the more one realizes how little he knows.

Humility, collaboration, and life-long learning, in my opinion are the mark of true professional — attitudes which distinguish a true leader from self-proclaimed ones.

Veteran journalist Dan Gillmor comments, “My readers know more than I do.” Retired principal Joanne Rooney states, “Perhaps successful principals realize that power, control and information do not flow from the top down, but more through the horizontal and complex connections that exist in any human community.1

Journalists and citizen journalists both play important roles in disseminating news and shaping public opinion.  Journalists are equipped with the skills and experiences to write accurate compelling stories.  Citizen journalists can provide facts, insights, interests, and expertise journalists may lack the time and expertise to cover.

(Let’s face it; journalists are generalists, not specialists.  In order to write well, writers must know what they write about.  No one person can possibly learn and know everything about everything.)

Why not collaborate with other professionals (blue and white collar workers) and community members (elderly, children, disabled, etc.) to bring fair, balanced, and meaningful news to the public — to all community members whom journalists serve.

1What New (Young) Principals Need to Know: Educational Leadership (September 2008 Vol. 66 no. 1), 85.

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