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True Professional vs. Self Proclaimed Professional (II)

As a private citizen, I have not been satisfied with the extent of media’s coverage on education issues.

There have been some write-ups on board meetings, about some successful programs and teachers who make a difference, on standardized tests, and the like.  But the real issues, the issues which the public should know about are swept to the wayside.

Richard Rothstein, in Whose Problem is Poverty2 states, “It’s no cop-out to acknowledge the effects of socioeconomic disparities on student learning.  Rather it’s a vital step to closing the achievement gap.”

Generally speaking, poor children are:

  • Not read aloud as often or exposed to complex language and large vocabularies
  • Their parents have low-wage jobs and are more frequently laid off, causing family stress and more inconsistent discipline
  • The children’s neighborhoods have more crime and drugs and fewer adults in professional careers
  • Such children are more often in single-parent families and  get less adult attention
  • They have fewer opportunities to develop their ambition, cultural awareness, and self-confidence (cross-country trips, visits to museums and zoos, music or dance lessons, and organize sports leagues)

2What New (Young) Principals Need to Know: Educational Leadership (September 2008 Vol. 66 no. 1), 85.


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