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Thank You Veterans! (I)

We are free because of the brave.

The following message goes out to all veterans and their families who serve our country to protect democracy, freedom, and its citizens.  Veterans and their families (are):

Vital to our nation — our freedom, our values, our way of life.

Endure unimaginable hardships.

Tenacious.  Veterans put their lives on the line.  Their actions uphold our nation’s beliefs, values, and principles.

Encourage.  Veterans touch hearts.  Veterans restore war-torn nations.

Revive.  Veterans rescue the wounded.

Aspiration for all.  Their courage and patriotism is our model and motto.

No nonsense.  The job gets done.

Strong yet sensitive.

My 69-year-old mother fondly remembers the soldier who gave her a piece of candy — relief and hope — in the midst of war-torn Tokyo (November, 1945).

Special thanks also extends to Michael Yon, former Special Operations officer turned citizen journalist.  Yon continues to report first-hand detailed accounts of the Iraq War.


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  1. without these people fighting for our values, we would be nothing. Brave men, brave women. Whereever they are, enjoying xmas this year. Our blessings go out.

    V igorous
    E xceptional
    E xcellence
    N ational
    S ecurity

    Comment by ggw_bach | December 19, 2008 | Reply

  2. Please visit http://www.yogaforvets.org when you return. It lists studios and teachers in the U.S. that will give 4 free yoga lessons. This offer is good for ALL vets. Yoga can help with PTSD.

    Comment by Paul | December 19, 2008 | Reply

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