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Wealth — What Is It?

I’ve only been to a few countries — Canada, Mexico, England, Scotland, and Thailand — but with each visit, I’ve learned that every culture is worthy of respect.

I’ve also learned that humility and an open mind will always bring new insights, and appreciation for the different cultures, faiths, and nationalities.

I visited Thailand shortly after graduating college. My mother and I visited Bangkok and the surrounding cities with a Japanese tour group.

During the tour, I noticed several (not all) Japanese behaving arrogantly toward the locals.

These heartless people flaunted their yens (or yens converted into bahts) and thought they were better than the locals because they were “richer.”

Now, the definition of “wealth” opens up a whole new can of worms.

At one’s deathbeds, no individual in his/her right mind is going to ask for more money, status, or fame; unless the person is one very lonely soul who has missed out on the joys, blessings, and the beauty of life.

Wealth, for me, is not about money or stuff.

Don’t get me wrong. I like nice things. I like good food. I enjoy the options and the opportunities money can buy. I’m not immune to American capitalism (especially during this time of the year).

But I will never forget the two young girls who made my mother’s and my bed at the five-star-plus hotel we were staying at (the first and the last time I could afford to stay at such a beautiful hotel).

The girls had such positive attitude toward their work. I was mesmerized by their cheerfulness as well as how thoroughly and efficiently they cleaned our rooms. Adding to my surprise, the girls were only 10-years-old!

I asked my tour guide if, during our free time, she would be willing to take me to a typical neighborhood where these girls came from.

After seeing one neighborhood, I realized how much I had taken for granted.

The ten year old girls who made my bed, along with the tenacity and the zest I saw in the eyes of the streets of people in Bangkok really put me to shame.

My brief five day encounter with a few people in Bangkok showed me life is not about money and power, but about positive outlook and an attitude of gratitude.

When I returned home, I stopped griping about my bosses. I had a renewed appreciation for life.

I will never forget the cheerful hardworking demeanor of the two girls who made my bed. The life’s lessons they taught me are absolutely priceless.


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  1. Sounds like a great lesson was learned and you had a great time too. When people talk about wealth they first think of money but what good is it if you haven’t found personal happiness and gratitude?

    Comment by Feng Shui Candace | December 30, 2008 | Reply

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