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Strategies and Tips for a Successful Blog! (I)

Not all blogs are created equal.  Some attract audience in droves — ideas spread like virus and wildfire — while others remain buried way beneath the blogosphere.  But this can all change!

A few insights and simple tips may give the extra boost most blogs need (like mine).

(1) Blogosphere — A fast-paced competitive world!

Bounce Rate
Rate of visitors that enter your site and leave within the first 5 seconds (as calculated by Google Analytics) without viewing another page.

(2) Content is King!

Technorati’s survey of over 1000 bloggers reveals that both personal and professional topics are equally popular, with most bloggers covering multiple topics. Half of bloggers consider their style to be sincere, conversational, humorous, and expert in nature. Tell-all or gossiping fell to the bottom of the list among the bloggers we surveyed.

Blogs work when they are based on:
1. Candor
2. Urgency
3. Timeliness
4. Relevance
5. Controversy

(3) Tips and Strategies to Attract Large Audience

Bloggers employ various technologies to get their message out. Top audience-building strategies include: listing their blog on Technorati and Google, commenting or linking to other blogs, and tagging blog posts so that they are more easily searchable. All of this hard work has paid off — half of active blogs attract more than 1000 monthly visitors.

More tomorrow!

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  1. Dear Friend!
    Welcome to my “Blog”, with electronic adress URL: http://nikotev.wordpress.com/
    In the new variant of the blog there are very much new informers, themes, banners and analisys by the variouse problems of the military history and policy. They will be very interesting for you! In the world system of the cybersytes, the blog received a high mark “600,5”.
    Your friend Nikolay Kotev

    Comment by Nickolay Kotev | December 27, 2008 | Reply

  2. Great blog! Let’s definitely get together sometime, I would like to hear more about what you do.

    In reference to the “5 seconds” you mentioned in relation to a blog..you are absolutely right.

    Here is my perspective: let me know what you think..

    Our brains are basically pattern recognition machines, this is the only way to not overload and categorize information efficiently. The job of marketers, business owners, influencers, teachers and all the like, is to break the patterns in our brain.

    This means somehow affecting what is called the “Reticular Activator” of the brain. This is like a bell that rings, or like a bright flashing red light in the brain that says “break your pattern and pay attention to the stimulus!”

    It may be a sentence, a billboard, a sound, a color, an emotion, a verse… of a combination of all. Once the reticular activator is interrupted, we fall into what I call the: “3-30-3 Rule”

    – 3 seconds to get their attention

    – 30 additional seconds to hold their attention

    – 3 additional minutes to clearly get our point or “elevator pitch” across before attention may be broken of diverted towards something else. With kids, these numbers are probably cut in half or more.

    Now you have a total of 3:33 minutes of exposure to your idea, message, product or service… this is a great start, but the trick is to repeat this process at least 16 times.

    Once this happens, you have seared the information into the mind (brain files) of the receiving party and have increased your changes of a reaction, acceptance, purchase… by an incredible amount, which can actually be tested to get a real number, but that’s a whole other ball of wax.

    I love this industry!
    Fabiano Moura
    Moura Mareting LLC.

    Comment by Fabiano Moura | December 27, 2008 | Reply

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