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Love vs. Hate — Why I Renounced Jihad

A friend once said, “The ignorant believe everything they hear, the average listen to both sides, the wise stay out of others’ affairs.”

Today, where ideological warfare continues to fuel the passion and purpose among millions of the worlds’ disenfranchised, we, the international community, must listen to both sides and get involved! Our way of life, our civilizations, our existence are at stake! Terrorism IS our business. Ignorance is death!

We must listen — to both Islamic and Western perspectives (not extremists. Extremists of all faiths are out to ostracize and destroy — “My way or die!”).


According to Nonie Darwish, Egyptian-American journalist and author of NOW THEY CALL ME INFIDEL: WHY I REOUNCED JIHAD, “Islamic Terrorists [not Muslims] are pirates. They have their eyes set on beautiful and welcoming democracies, to rob those democracies of their soul and ruin the value system and culture that made them great.”

Darwish calls:

  1. For reform and tolerance in the Islamic culture: this movement beginning with the Muslims living outside of Islamic nations.
  2. The Arab leaders to accept responsibilities for the failings of their own society.
  3. The Non-Arab-Americans to hold terrorist-sponsoring nations accountable:
  • Define our enemy by name and location
  • Protect the rights of moderate Muslims who speak out for reform
  • Apply swift, harsh consequences for those who financially support, make excuses for, and defend terror
  • Censor American mosques whose clerics are spreading Anti-American, Anti-Semitic doctrines [alert local authorities]

Grassroots movement + momentum = Change

Change begins with awareness.  Change begins with me. Change begins with us!

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  1. Possibly of interest….I’ll be interviewing Nonie on January 23. Information HERE in upcoming shows.

    Comment by Always On Watch | January 5, 2009 | Reply

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