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Google to the Top!

Life isn’t fair — including blogosphere!

According to Jumping Over the Google Sandbox, newcomers’ sites remain in the sandbox until they’re mature enough — six to eight months — to be included into Google’s Top Positions club (I thought probation was three months.  Google is definitely cautious.  They want to make sure you’re legit).


It’s the “one rotten apple spoils the barrel” syndrome, thanks to black hat practices like bulk buying links, creating duplicate content, or simply keyword stuffing to get to the top.

But effort, dedication, and hard work will pay off.

Experts suggest bloggers:

  • Actively gather content and good links from trusted sources (CNN, Fortune 500, and other reputable sources.  “Reputable” is subjective.  To each his own).  Build links slowly and steadily.  Five hundred links per month is a sure way to kill your site.
  • Host on a well established host (excludes free ones).  I like the user-friendly, customer-service-oriented, free WordPress.  When the time comes, I’ll cross the bridge to paid sites.
  • Concentrate on less popular keywords — not-so-popular keywords are enough to keep the ball rolling.  I’m a newbie.  Beggars can’t be choosers.  I’ll try this.  I want to inspire (that’s what Heart-to-Hear Connection is all about — inspiration).  I also want to be inspired by fellow bloggers — that’s YOU!  Love to hear your thoughts!
  • Rely more on non-Google ways to increase traffic — WordPress blog stats is one great way to stay connected with your incoming links — yes, fellow bloggers!

Tomorrow, I’ll share my favorite book on “Secrets for Blogging.”  Job Boards may open several new doors for those who want to go pro.

Stay tuned!


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