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Civil Rights Day — On Personal Responsibility and Gratitude

On this historical day, one American reflects on her American experience:

“When the younger generations say, ‘It’s my life,’ I’ll tell you, ‘IT’S NOT.’ Remember, your actions affect people in ways you’ll never know. Way before your conception, you cannot imagine how much time, love, and energy have gone into caring for you and your future — wishing nothing but the best for you.”

According to Mary Wong (84), “Today’s spoiled brats think it’s their birthright to buy brand named clothing, fill their shelves with the latest electronics gadgets, have their college experience paid in full, and travel in their spare time. People are afraid to work. They want lots with minimal effort.”

Wong’s favorite story of gratitude is one of a great president:

At age seven, the boy had to work. At nine, his mother passed away. The young man wanted to go to law school but had no education. At 23, he went into debt to become a partner in a small store. Three years later his business partner died and left him with a debt that took years to repay.

At 37, he was elected to Congress … on his THIRD try. He wasn’t re-elected. This man’s son died at four-years-old. He ran for the Senate at age 45 … and failed. He persisted at politics and ran for the vice-presidency. He lost again. He was 47. Finally, at age 51, Abraham Lincoln was elected president of the United States.

“Lincoln had a grateful heart. He knew, that even in the midst of great tribulation and hardships, there was much to be thankful for. And he took the time to express his gratitude to God,” said Wong.

“You stand on the shoulders of all who have come before you; those who have paved the way for you. You may not become a president or a CEO. But whatever work you undertake, don’t give up. Do it well — with skill and pride. Be the best you can be. That’s ‘thank you’ in action. That’s gratitude.”

Full Story Here


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