Heart-to-Heart Connection

To inspire and be inspired!

Healthy Mind, Healthy Spirit, Healthy Body!

“Individuals and organizations that can compete on generosity and fairness repeatedly defeat those that only do it grudgingly.

That’s marketing guru Seth Godin’s message.

I’m no CEO, influential being, nor a high-powered exec climbing quickly up the corporate ladder.  I’m just a peon.

But if your beliefs are similar to mine, you’ll agree “What goes around comes around.”  Spread kindness and friendship; life becomes more beautiful.  Spread bitterness and animosity; life reflects ill-will.

Scientific research also supports moral actions.

According to WebMD, our bodies respond to our thoughts, emotions, and actions.  We can maintain our health by exercising, eating right, managing stress and doing the following:

Hold Positive Expectations

  • Perceptions create reality.  Positive perceptions create positive reality.
  • Send streams of affirmations (I am capable.  My joints are strong and flexible).
  • Some things are beyond our control.  We can only do our best.  The glass is always half full.

Be Open to Humor, Relationship, and Love

  • Laughter is the best medicine.  Laughter heightens our emotions and helps us see the brighter side of life.
  • We are social creatures.  Close social ties and support help us recover from illness more quickly.
  • Volunteer for causes higher and bigger than ourselves.  By helping others, we help ourselves.

Appeal to Higher Power

  • If you believe in higher power, ask for guidance and support (faith, prayer, spiritual belief) in pursuit of healing and health (see healing touch and prayer).

It’s great to be with you all in the “school of life!”

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