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How to be Your Best Friend

When life is great, everyone’s on your side.  When life is the pits, who’s on your side?

In the past, I used to beat myself up throughout my deepest, darkest moments …  Not any more.  When things get really ugly, I stick up for me (if I don’t, who will?  The slight thought of abandonment scares me).  I resort to good old self-compassion.

We’re all human.

Everyone loses it from time to time (some more than others.  Acknowledging my emotions and pain is how I stay sane).  If you can’t relate, fear not.  Your turn will come.

Humans are all screw ups.  We’re equal.

Feel the pain, let it all out, feel better, then move on!  We’ve all been there.

The last time I saw my shrink (about 8 years ago), I didn’t know I had depression.  She tried to comfort me — telling me I was special — just for being me.

I thought SHE was the nutcase, not me.  But now that I’m more sane (yes, the generic Prozac keeps me chemically balanced), I realize the best thing to do and say to others is to accept, comfort, and empathize.

(Judgments are lethal.  That could easily push people over the edge).

Learning to be more loving toward you also brings out your tenderness — extending that compassion to others and, in the process, making this world a kinder place.

I’m my best friend.  I’m worth it!

Who’s your best friend? … You’re worth it!

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