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Guerrilla Marketing Strategies for Writers

Are you a guerrilla marketer or a traditional marketer?

Are you passionate about an idea, a product?  Do you want to inspire?  Do you want to learn with others?  How about getting your word out?

What’s stopping you from promoting your message — your calling?

If you answered MONEY, fear not!   Guerrilla Marketing for Writers (and for all professions) shares countless weapons to promote your message.  For starters:

  • Guerrilla marketing substitutes time, energy, and imagination for money.
  • Guerrilla marketing is geared toward small business owners with a big dream but not a big bankroll.
  • Guerrilla marketing measures effectiveness with profits; traditional marketing with sales.
  • Guerrilla marketing is based on psychology — the laws of human behavior that determine buying patterns.  Traditional marketing is based on experience and judgment involving guesswork.
  • Guerrilla marketing recommends maintaining excellence and diversifying only if doing so promotes sales without sacrificing quality.  Traditional marketing encourages production and diversify.
  • Guerrilla marketing recommends business growth through customer service and follow-up.  Traditional marketing encourages adding new customers.
  • Guerrilla marketing encourages relationships over profit — collaboration and win-win opportunities among competitors.  Traditional marketing advocates destroying competition.
  • Guerrilla marketing embraces technology because it’s simple, economical, and offers infinite potential.  Traditional marketing thought technology was too complicated, expensive, and limited.

If you’d like to share inspiring quotes or recommended readings on marketing, the sky is the limit!  We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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