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True Love Amidst Prostate Cancer

Love is a commitment, not a feeling.

Dana and Deb Jennings, I know, would agree.

Last April, Dana was diagnosed with shockingly aggressive prostate cancer. Since then, Dana had his prostate removed and have undergone 33-session course of radiation.

Throughout this ordeal, Deb., wife of 33-years, stood firmly by her man.

Dana recalls, “Deb helped me change and drain my catheter pouches each day when I first came home from the hospital … measured my urine, peered into placed I couldn’t — literally and figuratively — and strategically and liberally applied baby powder, ice, and Aquaphor to my raw and aching body.  She battled our intractable insurer, networked, tracked down the right doctors, and took thorough notes all the while … I was wounded.  She protected me.  She chose to do these things.”


Deb’s love is one to live up to, one to reciprocate.  Who else is going to snuggle up to me on the couch, smile, listen — and nod knowingly — as I complain about my hot flashes? … In the long shadow of prostate cancer, I’ve learned I married the right woman.”

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