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Plastic Surgery, Beauty, and Self-Confidence

I thought majority of plastic surgery clients were women and celebrities.  Guess what?  Male plastic surgery is on the rise.

By the way, what’s your definition of beauty — big boobs, round butts, tight abs?

Clinical psychologist and UCLA professor of psychiatry and bio-behavioral sciences Dr. Gail Wyatt insists self-confident people have a strong sense of presence and feel they deserve to be treated well.

Not everyone agrees.  That’s okay.  Diversity makes the world go around.

“Unfortunately, the way that people are still attempting to exude self-confidence has a lot to do with the images that they see mostly in the media,” says Wyatt. “Women are still depending on how they are built and how attractive they are, and men still depend on their material acquisitions or wealth. Those things are very exterior and very superficial ways of defining how men and women take the easy way out to feel that they are self-confident.”

If nips and tucks are going to boost the ego, plastic surgery may address some people’s self-esteem issues.  But not a single wrinkle at age 75 — that’s bizarre.

I’m drawn to caring, inspirational, passionate individuals!  Positive vibes are contagious! 🙂

What’s your definition of beauty? (Full Story)

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