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How Nature Soothes

What’s your stress reliever?  Exercise?  Write?  Vent?  They’re all effective, depending on the cause.

Nature is also very soothing. “Why?” I wondered … until coming across “How nature soothes: Involuntary attention gives your brain a break”

University of Michigan scientists recently found that in addition to being relaxing, spending time in nature helps improve people’s memory and attention span.

“The improvement happens partly because paying attention to nature is involuntary,” said Marc Berman, lead author of a paper on the research. “The study proves that the old stand-by of relaxation — watching television — might not be mentally relaxing because it requires your attention.”

Guess what?  I can’t bring nature to you so I’ll share the next best thing.

Relax, enjoy, have a great day! 🙂


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