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Care Enough to Confront

There is a time for compromise and a time to confront.

Compromising may seem politically correct but issues will resurface until given the attention they deserve.

In my early thirties, I blamed all my worries and miseries on others.  Nothing was ever my fault.

Raised by a perfectionist mother — an insecure woman who tried to live her life through mine — I was never good enough.

Domineering souls were my constant companion.  I didn’t speak up.  I tried desperately to please — until I was cornered on all fronts — by families, pseudo-friends, and coworkers.

I had a choice and a decision to make — die running or learn, grow, and heal.

After therapy and countless baby steps, at last, in my forties, I’ve come to embrace my entire being — quirks and all.

I no longer need others to validate my worth.  Truth, for me, lies in God’s word.  I can walk away from everyone except me.  I want to be able to look myself in the mirror every morning.

I’ve only begun confronting my demons (I’ll conquer them all someday — yeah!).  Jesus’ perfect love — His compassion and His corrections — continues to carry me through life’s ups and downs.

Martin Luther King, Jr., a man who acted in conscience said three years before his death, If I choose to go on living by my conscience, I may survive five years, at most.  I could compromise my conscience and perhaps live to be 80.  Either way, I die. The one way I could simply postpone my burial.”

Will you compromise?  Will you care enough to confront?

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