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Blogging — Past, Present, Future

History informs!  History repeats!

Humans are wired to make sense of the world; to question, to seek patterns and meaning in our lives (IMHO).

COMMON PLACE — Blogging in the Early Republic captures the cycle of information overload; a phenomenon certainly not new to the 21st century.

Eighteenth century citizens experienced similar situations.  Printing presses and the Industrial Revolution gave people unprecedented access to wealth of printed materials!

Blogging is perhaps “the literate person’s new outlet for an old need … to see more of what’s going on around me.  And in print cultures, where there is more to see, it takes reading, writing, association, (and critical thinking) in order to see more (and sort between the credible, not credible; the important, and the not important).” (parenthesis mine).

So what’s next?

Will star bloggers merge with major newspapers providing breaking news, analysis, and entertainment to the masses?

Will citizens report their experiences, sharing local news with the wider online community?

What will our future hold? What do you predict?


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    Comment by Plerwense | April 3, 2009 | Reply

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