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Till Debt Do Us Part?

You are much more than your six-figure income!

If you’re like me, you don’t earn anywhere near that. You earn less — a lot less. So what? Does this mean we’re worth less? Are we worthy of existence only when we bring home the ‘fat bacon’?

Meet Amy and Timothy. The couple began falling behind on their mortgage payments after Timothy was laid off from his job. They’re currently $170,000 in debt and losing their home to foreclosure.

Six months ago, Amy took their young daughter Ella and moved back in with her parents. Amy and Timothy’s marriage was “hanging by a thread.”

“We can’t afford to stay together and he’s not welcome to live at my parents’ house. Timothy doesn’t have a job and they find that disrespectful,” said Amy. “As my husband, he’s supposed to be able to take care of a family.”

(I usually keep my opinions out but for this one, I must say … “GROW UP LITTLE GIRL!!! Have you thought about how scared, lonely, and down and depressed your husband might feel right now?! Why can’t you work four jobs and support your family? Clean toilets, serve fast food, pull weeds, and coat roofs. There are jobs galore if you’d only get off your high ungrateful horse!”)

And then there’s Corretta and Sean. Corretta, after losing her corporate executive job and her six-figure income, is now a stay-at-home mom to her three-year-old daughter. Corretta has not only lost her paycheck but more importantly, her self-esteem (Full Story).

(Again, I’m compelled to speak. “What’s wrong with spending time, effort, and energy to nurture the hearts and minds of the next generation? When parents become active participants in children’s lives — when parents spend the time to care, nurture, and discipline — society will save countless dollars running correctional facilities, not to mention significant decrease in crime rate! Kids are parents’ [NOT SOCIETY’S] responsibility. Why not invest in a safer, more humane future?”)

I recall saying my marriage vow, “Till death (NOT DEBT) do us part.”

Thoughts? 🙂


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