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Twitter — Market Your Website Without Search Engines!

Until last night, I thought Twitter was an easy way to talk about tidbits of your life with those interested in you and your thoughts.  My stifled imagination didn’t realize, next to word of mouth, Twitter is THE way to share your website — on “Silver Platter”!

Thanks to Copyblogger’s “Marketing your Website Without Search Engines,” Dosh Dosh got me thinking about the power of good old word of mouth (Twitter is 21st century’s “word of mouth”).

When you’re looking for a handyman, a dentist (affordable, skilled, and efficient), or great deals (from food, clothes, to cars), who would you ask — the business owners or a trusted, respected friend?

If you’re like me, you’d ask a friend.

Business owners, in general, have their interests in mind (yes, a few bad apples — the AIGs [Adventures In Greed] — can definitely give the honest, hard workers a bad name).

Friends support.  Friends help.  Friends will tell friends which products and services worked for them and why — simple, honest, truth from the heart.

Twitter is our easy-to-use 21st century friend, connecting us with our friends and followers — share your favorite thoughts, experiences, and products online with computers and cell phones — in 140 characters or less!

Thanks to WordPress, we can now Twitter from our blog (Go to Add New Post, see left column, click Appearance, Widgets).  I’ve just added mine last night (see Sneak Preview, top right).  I have yet to find out whether this feature will be helpful to visitors, but I thought I’d try.

You’re the judge.  Was the Sneak Preview helpful?

Love to hear your thoughts!  🙂


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