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The Difference Between Calling and Desire — Follow Your Heart!

Wading4U’s tweet got me thinking about the difference between calling and desire.

Merriam Webster’s online dictionary states:

  • Calling — a strong inner impulse toward a particular course of action especially when accompanied by conviction of divine influence
  • Desire — to long or hope for

“If you can get paid for doing what you love, every paycheck is a bonus.” (Oprah) — That’s a calling!

“I hate my job but I want fame and fortune.” (Desire) — Where’s the passion, the purpose, the intrinsic motivation?!  Eight hour work day — probably longer — feels like eternity!

Decades ago, I sold my soul to the devil (back when my self-worth was defined by a paycheck).  I worked for two hi-tech companies at two different times — translating and writing corporate brochures, patents, and user manuals.

Was it fun?  Not really; not for me, anyway.  Did the job pay the bills?  Yep.  Corporate politics — pretty ugly.  Was I miserable — absolutely!


(Humans are resilient.  Many unhappy workers go about their jobs.  Most things are possible when we apply ourselves).

Over the years, my paycheck has taken a steady decline (currently, I’m a part-time Instructional Assistant working 30 hours per week).  In return, I’ve acquired time, happiness, and fulfillment (teach, then go home to my family.  It’s the best)!

(Full time [veteran] teachers work 60-80+ hours.  My hats off to them.  That’s a whole another story, a whole another post.)

I am blessed with a husband (who lets me be me) and two sons (all three, the love of my life).  I wake up every morning — eager to start the day — to learn about the world and insights my grade school students await to share.  We read, learn, and grow — together!

Establishing heart-to-heart-connection with children, working with caring adults to make our world a better place, I know, is my calling.  I can eat, breathe, and sleep kids and education!

I once left this profession for more money; exchanged passion for misery.  Luckily, a force much greater than myself pulled me back — where I belong — and for that, I am eternally grateful.

“If you can get paid for doing what you love, every paycheck is a bonus.”  Right on, Oprah!

What’s your calling?  What’s your passion?  WHAT is your purpose in life? 🙂


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  1. Thanks for sharing how important it is to follow your heart’s deeper desires. It’s also possible to have all the resources you need as well. They need not be separate, as you might know.

    Keep up the good work.

    Phillip Mountrose

    Comment by Phillip Mountrose | May 18, 2009 | Reply

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