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The Seven Popular Myths in Change Leadership (Myth #1) — Plan your way to greatness.

In Leading Change in Your School: How to Conquer Myths, Build Commitment, and Get Results (also applicable to business, government, and other nonprofits), author Douglas B. Reeves reveals seven pervasive myths in change leadership.  Today, we’ll discuss Myth #1: Plan Your Way to Greatness.

Reeves emphasizes KISS (Keep it simple … plain simple):

Establish clear (concise) vision and values, expressing who you are and who you’re not. If you can’t write your mission and values on the back of your business card, if you can’t say them without reference to notes, then they’re not influencing your daily reality.

Now this, I’d have to agree — two thumbs way up, my feet up, too!  No one has time to sort through aimless rambling (yes, the complex, large-scale, supposedly “strategic” planning).  Cut to the chase, baby!

One sentence business plan — not easy to do — but well worth the effort.  Thanks Mr. Reeves!

Don’t give up!  I won’t!  How about you?

Thoughts? :)

PS — Tomorrow’s topic — Myth #2: Just a little bit better is good enough. Stay tuned!


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