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The Seven Popular Myths in Change Leadership (Myth #2) — Just a little better is good enough.

Change begins with me.  Change begins with you.  Change begins with us!

Small groups don’t promote change.  Deep implementation does. Sustainable change requires change in behavior among those who don’t welcome change (Change will meet resistance.  Change is loss).

Implementation precedes buy-in. Most people must engage in a behavior before they accept its benefits. When they see results, they’ll believe it’s the right thing to do.  (Full Story)

Leaders with vision, leaders with purpose (unwavering “spines”), leaders with integrity, leaders who serve — compassionate, determined souls — they pave the way!

True leaders have my complete support!  I stand on their shoulders — actions and sacrifices — of the visionaries and courageous individuals who’ve come before me!

What can I do today — small as they may be — to make our world a better place?

‘Can’t do it alone.  ‘Hope you’ll join me! 

PS — Tuesday’s topic — Myth #3 (out of 7): We want you to change us … really. Stay tuned!

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