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The Seven Popular Myths in Change Leadershp (Myth #4) — People Love to Collaborate.

People love to collaborate. Really?

Enthusiasm may depend on the project and who’s on the team.

I enjoy working with people who are able to produce accurate, quality work, quickly; where individuals’ strengths are capitalized, weaknesses compensated, where workers collaborate to accomplish common goals. In an ideal world, two heads are always better than one.

What qualities do you embrace when working with others to get the job done?

Roland Barth (1990) reminds us of a difference between congeniality (having similar outlooks) and collegiality (cooperative relationship of colleagues often possessing different views).

Barth also informs, Congeniality is the social lubricant that allows people to work together under stressful circumstances. Collegiality requires time, patience, persistence, and accountability (yes, the hard work often met by resistance).

Regardless of how unpopular their actions may be, leaders who are committed to effective change persist through the initial challenges — until others finally begin to see the big picture and get on board.

Leaders possess the vision, integrity, tenacity, ability to inspire, and the resources to put their plans into action. (Wow! Great role models!)

PS — Myth #5 (out of 7): Hierarchy Changes the System.

Stay Tuned 🙂

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