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The Seven Popular Myths in Change Leadership (Myth #5) — Hierarchy Changes The System

Myth #5 in Change Leadership: Hierarchy in organization — from the top down — is the effective way to communicate essential message of change.

If you’ve ever played the “Telephone” game, you know the message often changes when communicated from one person (and one perception) to the next.

Dr. Douglas B. Reeves, Founder of The Leadership and Learning Center concludes, “Sustainable change is a function of a shared value system, not an authority figure.  Professional networks offer a powerful and fast method of communication, sharing effective practice, responding to change, and providing practical insights in a way hierarchies cannot do.”

Sounds a lot like the blogosphere where not titles and experiences, but meaningful content — similar outlook, sincerity, and helpful tips — generate dialog, momentum, and change.

Horizontal vs. vertical relationships — sounds like a plan!

PS — Myth #6 (out of 7): Opposition is inevitable.  Don’t engage the fence-sitters and the nay-sayers (whiners without solutions).

Myths 6 and 7 will be posted at a later date! :)

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