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Would You Hire Your Best Friend?

Experience has taught me, “Never do business with a friend.”

A college classmate contacted me one evening and asked if I’d like to work for an up and coming hi-tech company.  The CEO would be in charge of sales, his wife in charge of bookkeeping, and my friend and I would be production coordinators (in other words, secretaries).

I had just graduated college with a liberal arts degree.  I didn’t know what I wanted to do or what I was capable of doing.

I decided to work this part time job along with my two other jobs — a preschool teacher and an English language instructor.

I figured, I’d try whatever caught my interest, give the job my best shot, and let the events naturally unfold.

And they did.

My friend and I became competitive for no reason at all — who can call more prospective clients, who can type, file, and enter data faster, who would quickly and accurately translate more documents — a one year saga and one less friend.

In hindsight, we were just exposing our insecure, inflated egos.

Plain stupid.

But there are plenty of wise folks who have worked together with close friends (spouses are supposed to be best friends, right?) and transformed their mom-and-pop shops into successful multi-million dollar businesses.

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