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Healthy Portions, Healthy Life!

What’s the best way to stay fit and healthy — exercise, enough sleep, lowering stress, or high fiber/low fat diet?

If you love to eat, like me, portion control (plus all of the above) may be your ticket to a healthy lifestyle.

My parents and I live 6,000 miles apart.  I see them once every two to three years.  Last time, we met half way, in Kauai.  Phone conversations keep us connected.  But nothing beats seeing mom and dad face-to-face.

Mom is one of the bluntest people I know.  She calls “spade” a “SPADE.”  Her first sentence after three years, “You gained so much weight.  What are you doing to yourself?!”

Mom is five feet, 110 lb.  Me?  Five feet, 140 lb.

For the last two weeks, I’ve tried eating like mom — diet rich in fiber and protein (fish and white meat only), and SMALLER PORTIONS (the first day I thought I’d faint eating half of what I was used to eating … but after a few days, my stomach shrank.  My body adapted).

Children’s portion (American size) is all what most adults need. I felt great!

I’ve also returned to weighing myself daily (I avoided the scale for six months and gained 12 pounds)!

“In Japan, you’d have to look long and hard to find someone 5 foot tall 140 lb wide.  Feel free to visit when you lose 30 lb.”  Those were mom’s last words before she boarded the plane for home.

I’m not getting younger.  Neither are my parents (74 and 70-years-old).  I want to see them more often.

I’m on a mission to lose 30 lb in 12 months.  Wish me LOTS of luck!

(See also Long Life and Happiness–70 Percent Lifestyle, 30 Percent Genes)

If you know of successful dieting tips, share away!  I’d appreciate your input (Please, no diet pills.  I’ve experienced horrendous side effects).  🙂


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  1. For me it’s all about portion control, which is critical to long term weight loss. You might take longer than a fad diet, but in the long run you will keep it off. You should try Flavor Magic. I think this product has just come out, since I can’t find it in stores. I ordered it online from http://www.PortionControl.net since they offer free shipping. It’s definitely a why-didn’t-I-think-of-that product, and it really helps me with daily portion control, while making my cooking easier and tastier. I LOVE THEM. It’s really a nifty idea, and I recommend it if you like cooking at home but are struggling with eating right.

    Comment by Christina Bailey | June 8, 2009 | Reply

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