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The Best — So Easy — Arm Exercises!

When your children notice you from afar, not by your face, but by your distinguished flabby arms signaling, “Come here,” that’s a sure sign it’s time to do something about those wobbly arms.

I’m not quite there (yet), but I know I will be (sooner, not later) if I don’t take matters into my own hands.

So what am I to do?  I’ve never lifted weights in my life!

Should I hold up soup cans, gallons of milk, bag of potatoes, or something heavier?  What’s the ideal starting weight for all-time beginners?

The next video gave me food for thought:

Toned arms also give us much more than visual satisfaction.

“These are the muscles you use on a daily basis for the activities of daily living,” says WebMD exercise physiologist Rich Weil, MEd, CDE.

Richard Cotton, spokesman for the American Council on Exercise, agrees. “The arms that help you lift the groceries out of the trunk, pick up a chair, and rake the leaves,” says Cotton. Those, he says, are the more important reasons for including arm exercises in a fitness program. (Full Story)

Okay dumbbells.  HERE I COME!!!!! 🙂

PS — Which arm exercises would you recommend?  Thanks!

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