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What Most Dentists Won’t Tell You

“Brush your teeth for at least two minutes!”

My dentists never told me that.  How about yours?

For the last year or so, my 70-year-old mother insisted I brush at least two minutes.

“Who has the time?” I used to think … Until my checkup last November.  My dental health was in shambles.

(Did my dentist ever tell me I should brush longer — NO.  Patients equal dollar signs … ch ching!)

Okay mom.  I’ll put my ego aside.  I’ll listen to you one more time.  What do I have to lose?  Once a mother, always a mother.  Once a daughter, always a daughter.

Nevertheless, spending two minutes on my mouth was A COMMITMENT … for me, anyway.  I had to make it fun.

I went to Safeway and bought the musical toothbrush, Tooth Tunes (also available at Toys-R-Us):

Guess what?!  Six months later, my gum and teeth are in tip-top shape! (Colgate swears by minimum-120-seconds brushing!)

My teeth are three shades whiter and stronger than ever!  My gum — Popeye strong!  My dentist recently told me I have a gum of a 15-year-old — youthful!  By the way, I don’t use toothpaste; just water, mouthwash, and dental floss.

Brush two minutes, twice a day (plus floss).  We’ll all be on our way to clean, bright teeth and healthy, strong gums! Decrease your chance of heart disease, too! (Full Story)

Adios periodontal disease!  Adios dentists!

Tooth Tunes, you rock!  🙂

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