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Conflict Resolution and Creative Job Hunting

(First posted on May 10, 2009.  Accidentally deleted and found.)

What do you do if you find yourself working for a tyrannical or incompetent boss, or a jealous co-worker is out to get you?

Some companies can be unhealthy for your career development and your mental health (indeed, people usually get fired because of politics and personal conflicts — not gross incompetence).

How about an annual career check-up. Take out your resume and review it.  Ask yourself several questions about your current job and your goals.

  • Am I achieving my goals and purpose in life?
  • Has my objective changed?
  • Is this job meeting my expectations?
  • Does this company fully value my contributions?
  • Am I doing what I’m good at and enjoy doing?
  • Are my skills up-to-date for this job and organization?
  • Am I fully using my skills as well as acquiring new skills?
  • Is this job worth keeping?
  • How can I best achieve career satisfaction either in this job or in another job or career?
  • What other opportunities elsewhere might be better than this job?

Perhaps changing jobs is not the best alternative for you. If you encounter difficulties with your job,  first understand the problem.  Perhaps the problem can be resolved by working with your present employer. Many employers prefer this approach.  They know that increased job satisfaction translates into less job stress and absenteeism as well as more profits for the company.  Happy workers become more productive employees.

You may want to play a “just in case” scenario by entering your resume into various online resume databases where you can literally keep yourself in the job market 24/7. Whether you’re actively looking for a job or just keeping in touch with potential opportunities, putting your resume online may be a good way to conduct a career check up on a regular basis.

Anonymously putting your resume online with websites such as Monster.com, Yahoo! hotjobs, and careerbuilder.com allows you to remain constantly active in the job market.

Participation in such resume databases may result in employers coming to you rather than you seeking out employers by using the job search strategies and techniques outlined in The Blue Collar Resume and Job Hunting Guide.

By the way, white collar workers, don’t click out just yet  This book offers numerous guerrilla job hunting tips and strategies — from how to answer tough questions to getting interviews the street-wise way (knock on doors!) – an invaluable resource!

With number of plumbers and electricians earning more than six figures, blue collar workers, in many cases, may be more skilled — if you define “skilled” by earning power — than their white collar peers.

Thoughts? :)

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