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Perception, Objectivity, Truth

When you hear a story, how do you respond?

  • Believe everything you hear
  • Listen to two (or more) sides
  • Stay out (until you observe the situation)

Here are two stories.  Which do you believe?

Do you believe at all?

Two first graders joined the basketball team at the local YMCA.  The fee was fairly modest — $60.00 for eight one-hour classes.

Parent A feels the instructors are inadequately trained.  Rules are not explained clearly, all students are not engaged all of the time, practices are disorganized (too many students waiting their turns).

Parent B believes, “You get what you pay for.”  This is what you get for $60.00 for eight one-hour classes.  My child gets to play ball with other kids in an indoor, air-conditioned basketball court.

Parent B also responds, “If I tried to get 15+ kids together, rented a facility, and coached the team, I would be spending WAY MORE than $60.00 in time and money getting the show on the road … Besides, my child is having fun!  These kids aren’t NBA material.  Can’t expect Lute Olson, University of Arizona’s former basketball coach, to share his time and expertise for $60.00.”

How would you respond?

Do you agree with Parent A, Parent B, or neither (Seeing is believing.  I’ll have to see before putting my two cents in) …

Fifteen years ago, a first grade student wrote:

When you hear a story, you may be hearing lies.  Try to keep an open mind and listen to both sides. Both sides, uh huh.  Both sides, uh huh.  Please listen to both sides.

A friend once said, “Objectivity?  Truth?  There’s no such thing.  Only perceptions.”

How would you determine the truth of the matter? 🙂


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