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We Can Think For Ourselves

Don’t care for Rush Limbaugh or Michael Moore — both extremely opinionated, one sided nut jobs …  BUT … extreme views can hold their weight in gold.  If we all agreed on everything all the time, when will we ever think outside of the box?

We have a brain; a brain so underused.  Why not listen to opposing views, throw in our bias and perceptions, and come to our personal truths?

What about news commentators?  I don’t want them telling me what to believe.  Show me the entire town hall meeting — just the facts.  I’ll reach my own conclusions.

On the other hand, that may not work.  Too many media folks will become jobless.  The press is shutting down left and right.  The government will have to bail them out, too.

State-sponsored media?  NO WAY!!!  If we only hear favorable reviews about our government, I might as well migrate to Russia.  Save time.

Which do you prefer?  The rich and the powerful dominate the media or government-run news organizations?  Either way, the populace are brain washed.  WE ARE SCREWED!!!

We’ve got beautiful minds.  Why not use it?

Just give me the facts, baby!  My brain will do my thinking!  🙂

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