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Middle Age — Becoming Increasingly Comfortable In Our Own Skins

At some point in our lives, most of us realize this world is not just about stuff — the things we can see and touch.  There’s something much bigger and greater than ourselves.

One dictionary defines middle age as “40 to 60 years old;” mine, “Becoming increasingly comfortable in my own skin.” …  Do I have a choice?  I’ve got this one life, one body, one mind.  Gonna make the most of it!

And how do I go about living life to its fullest?  BY LETTING GO.

Now let me be clear.  My head understands, but my heart has ways to go.  I like to achieve and accomplish.  Love those tangible results.  Letting go?  How?  THIS, I’m sure, will be my life’s journey.

All sufferings come from attachment (Buddha).  End is inherent in the means (Gandhi).

When the goal consumes our entire being, we become disempowered (cheat, lie, and steal to achieve — that’s wrong).  Become SO attached to the moment, fully invested in the effort where results do not matter.  Enjoy the journey, the effort, the creativity.  Let go of the reigns.  Let God and the Universe take over.  Higher powers can accomplish so much more. (Marianne Williamson)

Control reaps chaos.  Let others be and see life’s beauty unfold!

Live in the moment!  Enjoy!  Let go to the Universe, to our Almighty God!  Beautiful things begin to happen.  Things get accomplished!

I’ll try to incorporate and live these timely advice — a lifelong journey — for me, anyway.  🙂


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