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I Want to Be More Spontaneous!

My facebook friend wrote, “I want to be more spontaneous!”

My hats off to her courage and open honesty!  DID THE THREAD TAKE OFF!  People were responding left and right!

Which got me thinking … We all want to be real.

What encourages spontaneity?  What stops people from becoming their true selves?


The more confident and secure we are, the less vulnerable we become to popularity contests.  We become spontaneous — more true to ourselves, less concerned with approval.

There’s only one ME in this entire universe.  I am unique and special.  I accept myself — for my strengths and my flaws.  I am my best friend.  I will laugh and cry when I want to.  I will change when I want to.  I choose to live under my own terms.

Who wants thousand acquaintances; the ones we say, “Hi” to for ten years but still don’t know anything about — not even their last names!  (Hate to admit, I’ve certainly got my share.  My acquaintances and I, we all suffer from terrible lack of curiosity).

I am ETERNALLY GRATEFUL for the few friends I have — those who continue to stick around come hell or high water!  What priceless jewels!

But things weren’t always this way.  I’ve lived at least a decade spending all my energy pleasing people.

The great news is WE CAN CHANGE!

Our minds create our realities.  When we change our thoughts, we WILL change reality. (I’M STILL LEARNING — DAILY!  YEAH!)

Psychotherapist Dr. Garrett Coan suggests:

  • Do what comes naturally
  • Follow your strengths
  • Develop your talents
  • Express your own style
  • Follow your convictions

In other words, plan (for self improvement), persist (work on self improvement), and act the part (fake it till you make it — I do this A LOT!).

There’s SO MUCH to learn — never a dull moment! 🙂


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