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The U.S. Food Industry — Faster, Fatter, Bigger, Cheaper, Death! (II)

Who ever imagined eating would become life-threatening?!

When big businesses and government look solely after their self interests, the populace are screwed.

A two-year-old dies from E. Coli infested meat. Who cares? Profit over life.  Money is THE ONLY “LANGUAGE” greed understands.

(Why have two-party systems?  Forget Democrats and Republicans.  Once in power, most simply pursue their self interests.  Why not call “Spade” a “Spade” — the “Have Conscience” and the “Don’t Have Conscience.”)

Food, Inc. reveals chilling realities:

  • Chickens stuffed in dark “growing houses” — no space to move, no space for exercise, smeared in feces.  Cows, too. Feces halfway up their legs!  Wonder why more people aren’t dropping dead left and right from food poisoning?!
  • Mexicans lured by American meat corporations at $8 to $10 per hour wages; entering the country illegally, enduring inhumane working conditions. Corporate big shots are never charged.  Just the hardworking undocumented workers brought to the plants by their cut throat employers.  (Former corporate employees hold powerful government positions.  One of the many dirty secrets between government and corporations — fattening their wallets and taking advantage of the people and consumers they supposedly serve).
  • Working class families are getting sick from $1 meals and other cheap, high sodium, nutritionally poor, fast foods. Bread winners on costly medications are choosing to eat cheaply, not healthy.  Consequences — illness, high prescription costs, tight budgets, unhealthy food choices, cheap processed foods, more sickness.
  • Farmers who take on the food industry giants face emotional and financial bankruptcy — silenced, alone, jobless.

The vicious cycle — greed and intimidation — continue.


Strength lies in numbers.  No demand, no supply.  Look at the tobacco industry!

Food industry, you’re next!

Consumers, it’s time to DEMAND safe, quality, real food.  The time is NOW.  Take matters into our own hands.  We want our health back!  We want our lives back!

Whose side are you on, “Have conscience” or “Don’t have conscience?”


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